At the Moha Lodge is a starting point for many activities montagne.Notre qualified staff will help you explore this region rich in sights and advise you to plan your excursions in the mountains of eastern High Atlas

Climbing the Imiter gorge :

Climbers come and be likely to discover this site still confidential and off tour. Imitating the gorges of 1 km from the Lodge are a paradise for climbers lost off the beaten track, making the tour of Atlas.

Several lines of climbing and bolted routes. All lanes are areas with a rope of 70 m and a dozen pairs of carabiners. Exceptional site with endless possibilities!.

Blocks: many blocks of sandstone and limestone, or Francois and Frank Clair Baisard opened many passages in the fall of 2000.

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Visit also:

Places of interest are mainly:

Old villages and ancient kasbahs.

Imitating gorges and AMSED. Caves and Agoulzi Tazra.

The sacred tree and a beautiful view across the valley.

Tunnel built in 1933 the Legion

Stele that still bears the pomegranate engraved with the inscription 3ère REI Tagounsa about 30Km from the cottage

Panorama of the entire chain of north / south is

Old fort with its borjs

Cascades Aghebalou Imiter

Source Harouil

Melaayal of sacred fish.

the salt mines

Love the welfare optimum, you are invited to an exceptional stay, it’s called Chez Moha. We reserve you a warm welcome, generous hospitality, natural benevolence with tasty food!

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Amellago is definitely a destination not to miss